Chairman's Desk

Dear friend, I am happy to welcome you to PARK College of Technology. For a long time, collegiate education remained a mere dream for millions of our youth. Technical education was beyond their dreams. Things have changed drastically for the better in the past two decades. Now, every one who wants to get admission to an engineering course can get into it. The quantity of the Engineering College has obviously increased; but there are doubts about their quality. Having established and run successfully several educational institutions under the PARK TRUST ranging from Primary and Secondary Schools to Arts and Science and Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics for over three decades, we thought that we must create an institution, which will be different from the rest. Such an institution must be capable of meeting the manpower needs of the new vibrant economy and the ever-changing technology-ridden industry and society. The institution will be an economic endeavourer in addition to being a moral enterprise. The country has gone global subsequent to implementation of reforms and open-door policy of the Government; world players in industry and business are here. Our education must transform to meet with the changing human resource needs of the country and the emerging 'global village'; to succeed in the highly competitive and challenging hi-tech environment; we ought to have world-class institutions to deliver technical education in quality and variety. With this in mind we created PCT. The PCT is our humble contribution to nation building. We focus on future - of the students, the country and the institutions - with a view to ensure success in all endeavors in the coming millennium. For those who gain access to PCT, a whole new experience of learning awaits-an intellectually satisfying and professionally rewarding experience indeed. Welcome to PARK; RELAX and leave the rest to us.

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Yours very truly,
PARK Institutions